madnesshaven asked:

So you were studying and since your done, you will be updating more? P.S do you still use inkbunny?

I’m still not done studying, i’ve been having an exam every saturday for the past 5 weeks, and i don’t see a change to that anytime soon, but i’m picking times to draw every so and then; and yes, i still use inkbunny.

ratwhispers asked:

I really love that pencil drawing of the princess dog you did. Have you been working on any more? You said your tablet was having problems, but I'd certainly love to see more of just simple pencils on paper if you're in the mood.

I’ve been studying day and night since i started university, i don’t have that much time now to draw, but when i feel like drawing i always sketch a little, i will surely gonna keep drawing, and will deliver more art asap, as soon as i finish my first row of exams.

Even w/o a tablet i keep drawing, sorry about the quality of the picture.

I’m not really used to drawing traditionally, but it’s teaching me stuff i’ve never considered while drawing digitally.

She’s Pumpkin, she’s Cinderella’s pet.

First pic is my drawing, second one is the reference picture. Haven’t seen many drawings of her or any of the other pets, so why not give them a try.

i’ll digitalize the picture once i get my new tablet that’s on the way.


Anonymous asked:

Workin on anything interestin?

Not really, my tablet has prolems with the mouse hovering feature, so i can’t draw reliably, need to get a new one, i’m still gonna try drawing something tho.

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